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Migrating back office processes to shared services offers very attractive potential benefits. These range from reduced overhead to improved customer service. Arguably, the potential is the sum of the promises made in turn by each management fashion of the last twenty years, from total quality management, business process reengineering, automation, outsourcing, e-enabled business, to web-based self-service, etc.

Transforming these processes, typically ERP, F&PM, SC, HR & IT, into shared services is made possible because the processes are now very mature: accepted industry-wide best practice is embodied in standard solutions (SAP or Oracle typically) and there is now a well-understood standard approach to service delivery with an established industry supporting it.

The promise of decoupling back-office overhead from the front line to create leaner, nimbler enterprises is real. However, the challenges to be overcome are also the sum of the difficulties in practice encountered over the last 20 years of IT-enabled business change. These programmes call on world-class programme and journey management, very clear focus on business outcomes, excellent process design and change management and well-managed systems integration, as well as business process outsourcing and service delivery capability.

IT Experts Exchange members have outstanding skills and experience in all these areas, earned in some of the largest and ground-breaking IT-enabled transformations in the industry. Their hard-won practical expertise can help significantly to reduce the risks to successful implementation of shared services and ensure realisation of the desired benefits.

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Case studies

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"IT Experts Exchange uses its deep knowledge of IT trends and customer needs to find the relevant innovative solutions which matter."
Natasha Davydova, Group Head of Strategy for Technology and Operations, Standard Chartered Bank
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