IT transformation/cost reduction

Businesses don't stand still and IT continues to evolve rapidly, repeatedly throwing up new possibilities and threats. Whilst technology components continue to get faster, better and cheaper, managing them is becoming more complex.

This drives the need to transform IT capability to match the present challenges and future needs of the business. But like armies, IT organisations are usually configured to win the last war, not the one coming

To deliver the right value efficiently, an IT organisation must have processes, governance, sourcing and investment which match the task in hand. It needs to consolidate the best of current thinking and acquire the skills for the next generation of strategic programmes.

Current market conditions only serve to make downward pressure on costs more urgent, while making it harder to secure necessary investment in improvement. Not only must CIOs find a way to transform their organisation’s capability and efficiency, but this must be self-funding, with in-year run-rate savings covering any needed costs of transformation and investment in capability.

Any IT transformation must deliver very large improvements in terms of cost, strategic focus, delivery capability and service reliability. At the same time, there must be no disruption to day-to-day service. A typical transformation can reduce run-rate cost by 20-30% and more than double the funds available for strategic investment.

A successful IT transformation requires a combination of strategy, architecture, organisation design, change management, process, architecture, business case and communication skills - knowledge that is not normally found in-house. At IT Experts Exchange, we specialise in finding the right combination of independent experts, whether drawn from specialist firms or practising as individuals, and providing teams who work together seamlessly to strengthen your own capabilities. Whether it is significantly reducing the cost of outsourcing contracts or implementing cost-effective IT shared services, there is no substitute for real deep experience and a track record of measurable delivery.


IT transformation/cost reduction Case studies

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Case studies

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Sumit Ray
Independent Consultant
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