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In tough economic times, it is more important than ever for IT to be an effective strategic weapon and deliver sustainable business advantage in cost, flexibility and innovation. The companies that survive and grow will be the ones with IT aligned to and enabling their business strategy, delivered predictably and at the right price.

The current economic conditions are forcing many organisations to reduce IT investment to the absolute minimum and reduce operating costs aggressively. This freeze provides intelligent organisations with a good opportunity to rethink the roadmap and plan for the strategic capability the business will demand in 2-3 years time. You need to know which are the critical capabilities to build and retain and which non-essential costs can be released.

The market in IT services and solutions has become sophisticated, global and competitive, and this trend is set to continue. To exploit the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of this trend, in-house organisations need to retain (and occasionally regain) the initiative and take more control of strategic direction.

IT organisations must:
  • align IT and business strategy, making the right critical choices of direction
  • plot a roadmap of business and IT change which balances value, cost and risk
  • partner effectively with the business units to deliver new capability and improved performance, predictably and successfully
  • deliver reliable services that meet business needs at the lowest cost.
Success requires an IT organisation which can effectively orchestrate and manage software and service providers. An organisation with the authority and capability to ensure that customers, suppliers, programmes and services combine to deliver the maximum sustainable value. This is not something you can leave to your suppliers. Instead, you must strengthen the experience and authority of your own team when strategy or the business agenda needs to change or when IT capability and costs do not support that agenda well enough.

Our experts provide independent, client-side advice, working alongside you and helping your team to engage constructively with the business. We bring deep experience in IT strategy development and implementation across a range of industry sectors and government. Whether in strategy development, governance, large-scale change programmes or sourcing and off-shoring, our consultants have unparalleled experience. Each has a personal track-record of success and a reputation for delivering tangible value.


IT Strategy Case studies

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