IT sourcing/offshoring advisory

No IT organisation can ignore the potential of the global IT market to deliver services that are both reliable and cost-effective. But examples of how not to do it are rife. Our members specialise in helping clients to develop and implement a sourcing strategy which delivers the right outcome. Supported by proven reusable methodologies our members have a track record of success stretching back to the beginning of outsourcing IT and business processes in the 1980's. It is not uncommon for our members to save our clients hundreds of millions of pounds through their efforts.

Our work in sourcing ranges from helping to define the strategy through to designing the operating model and the commercial framework, running the procurement and evaluation process, and to assistance with transition and benefits realisation.

We can also put you in touch with specialists in offshoring with deep relationships with a number of service providers. We can supply insight and advice specific to relevant geographies and industries.


IT sourcing/offshoring advisory Case studies

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Case studies

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