Innovative technology solutions

The challenge with innovations is to spot those with real disruptive potential, judge the timing of adoption and to drive sustainable advantage ahead of the competition. This boils down to taking the right decisions before the answers are obvious, and being able to manage the risks and processes around innovation better. Too early, and the risks are unacceptably high; too late and the advantage is lost.

At IT Experts Exchange we build relationships with selected innovators at an early stage, typically at the beginning of take-up, but after people have been successful in attracting capital and starting-up a new venture to exploit their solution and can demonstrate at least one real implementation. We help innovators identify the business and practical implications of their solution, and help to connect them with relevant industry and functional specialists to develop a realisable approach to driving out benefit.

Our aim is to bring these innovations to our clients earlier than they would otherwise have been likely to exploit them, and to assist client and innovator in managing the risks and challenges of adoption with greater assurance. Our expert membership is rich in experience of successful (and unsuccessful) pioneering uses of innovation across many industries.

Current innovative solutions we are working with include:
  • identity checking and online transaction validation
  • virtual infrastructure architecture solutions
  • ultra-low latency transaction processing for trading systems
  • open source solutions for business and collaboration applications.


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