Information & security assurance

As an increasing proportion of business migrates online, and businesses become ever more interconnected and interdependent, the need to ensure security and integrity of business processes and the associated information is becoming both more important and increasingly demanding. At the same time, an increasing proportion of business-critical information is potentially open to misuse or attack.

Every organisation must have adequate strategy, policies and procedures to ensure that risks are properly identified, assessed and provided for. And it is essential that this is kept current as both threats and countermeasures become increasingly sophisticated.

IT Experts Exchange has access to a network of independent and qualified professionals who can audit, advise on and help to implement these aspects of your business systems and technology infrastructure and services.

Our independent experts aim to improve your resilience to probable threats while at the same time reducing the cost and complexity of doing so. They bring experience of 25+ years and recognised qualifications in each relevant field.

In addition, information systems need to demonstrate compliance with industry-specific, national and international regulations, from data protection to Basel. We can connect you with the specific specialist to ensure you achieve compliance in the way that is most cost-effective.

Specific areas covered include:
  • business continuity (including disaster recovery)
  • information security (ensuring the security of information assets)
  • high availability (ensuring the performance, integrity and resilience of business processes)
  • compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.


Information & security assurance and business continuity Case studies

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Case studies

IT Experts Exchange-case studies Assureweb – inception of a comprehensive business and technology transformation programme (Brian Henry)

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"Most IT Professionals do not make the most of the contacts they have. They are usually too busy delivering the services they have been contracted to deliver to do anything else. IT Experts Exchange provides a valuable resource enabling individuals to use the marketing expertise within the Exchange..."
Richard Fearns
Independent Consultant
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