Enterprise architecture

Choosing the right foundations on which to build a business's systems is one of the most critical roles for a CIO/CTO. The right architecture can dramatically reduce cost and risk while positioning a business to exploit emerging solutions more flexibly and with less redevelopment.

Clients cannot afford to abdicate their architecture decisions to suppliers who will inevitably have their own agenda. Setting out the enterprise's architecture roadmap requires informed understanding of IT industry direction, supplier investment and market strategy, regulatory and other standards, security, consideration of sustainability and environmental impact as well as pragmatic awareness of operational and cost implications. Getting these decisions right can mean the difference between winning and losing for the enterprise. An enterprise’s roadmap represents a balance between competing business objectives and between short and longer-term goals.

An organisation with the necessary spread of expertise in-house would be uneconomically overstaffed. Added to that, it is perhaps even more difficult to be independent with a stake inside an IT organisation than it is for a vendor.

IT Experts Exchange can put you in touch with specialists in each of these areas, from overall strategy and enterprise architecture to specialised domains such as networks, security, infrastructure, specific business solutions or environmental considerations. We can assemble a team to provide as much or as little input as you need to add to your own organisation's knowledge and experience.


Enterprise architecture Case studies

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Case studies

IT Experts Exchange-case studies IT strategy (Robert Pitt)

Rolls-Royce Group is a diverse set of businesses based in North America, UK, Norway and increasingly in China and emerging markets. Rolls-Royce needed to develop a common agenda, agree innovation priorities...

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"IT Experts Exchange uses its deep knowledge of IT trends and customer needs to find the relevant innovative solutions which matter."
Natasha Davydova, Group Head of Strategy for Technology and Operations, Standard Chartered Bank
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