Business operations - transformation

The need to carry out major restructuring of a business often arises as a consequence of corporate transactions such as merger or divestment and, particularly in turbulent times, when industries or whole economies are subject to disruptive change in market conditions.
At the operational level, shaping and driving the required transformation requires the same set of capabilities, experience and methods as when enterprises transform capability at a time and in a manner of their own choosing. The difference comes in the situation where there are more kinds of sponsor and stakeholder, some within and some outside the organisation and with different levels of understanding and preconceptions. There is often lack of alignment between stakeholders both on the current state, the desired end state and the target outcomes. Moreover, decisions have to be taken quickly based on often inadequate and incomplete information, and the time available to deliver the transformation can be very limited.
Our experts can carry out the required analysis and planning, right the way through from due diligence and feasibility to implementation and benefits realisation, across all aspects of business operations, systems and infrastructure, organisation and sourcing.  We maintain links with several PE, business restructuring and specialist financial firms in this sector.
IT Experts Exchange provides a single, objective and qualified source of independent expertise around IT and IT-related or IT-dependent business change when any situation calls for the right specialist.


Business operations - transformation and restructuring Case studies

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Case studies

IT Experts Exchange-case studies Liverpool Victoria – IT strategy and architecture (Gideon Nissen)

Gideon was the interim head of IT Strategy and Architecture of Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Ltd for 9 months, reporting to the Group IT Director. Highlights during this period were...

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Thank you for responding. Let me get straight to the point and tell you how my company is helping CIOs to source world-class experts for today’s most challenging projects and assignments. For no cost, IT Experts Exchange can help you source and select practitioners from a community of recommended and rigorously verified experts. Whether you are seeking outstanding consultants or leading niche firms, we can offer instant access to proven expertise. 
Right now, for example, we can introduce you to the leading exponents in:

  • Cloud Computing/Infrastructure
  • Latency Design
  • Life & Pension Systems
  • Call Centres
  • Data Centre Consolidation
  • IT and Business Consulting
  • Innovative Applications
  • Customer Experience Management

...  to name just a few areas of outstanding expertise.
However, our search for excellence doesn’t stop there. If you require skills that cannot be readily found within our community, we will undertake to search out and secure the expertise that you require. IT Experts Exchange is constantly looking for emerging talent to meet the exacting needs of its growing client base.
And please remember, this service is entirely free. We never charge CIOs for accessing our unique community and matching experts to specific needs or projects.

If you find that hard to credit or would like more information, just send me an email at: I will provide you with unsolicited feedback from top CIOs who are regularly tapping into our expert community. I will simply send the evidence and let you be the judge.

Thank you so much for your interest.
Robert Baldock
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