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It is easy to find people with training in standard programme management methods. Some of these methods are useful and the UK Government has done a good job of supporting and promulgating improvement in programme management methods, tools and standards. But the general perception that big IT programmes fail far too often is borne out by many high-profile examples.

Good programme management depends on a good programme manager – someone with the experience, judgement and above all the courage to confront uncomfortable and inconvenient facts and partisan interests.

The fact is that it is often inappropriate to hand programme management responsibility to a supplier of one component of a programme, who will struggle to achieve the required objective balance. It is nearly impossible to write the elements of success into an enforceable contract.

Successful programme management requires the ability to harness powerful, well-connected stakeholders with their own agendas, both within your organisation and from delivery and service partners. As well balancing their interests, you need to manage the expectations of sponsors and focus on delivering results. Achieving all this takes experience.

Our members have successfully managed some of the largest and most complex IT programmes, both in Government and across all sectors of industry. They come with very strong personal reputations and recommendations. Working on the client side, they will bring experience, authority and objectivity to your team. We can also quickly establish functioning programme offices ore augment your own capability as required.

Our experts are often engaged to turn around failing programmes, recover breakdowns between customer and supplier and to provide independent assessment of risks and issues. If required, they then can roll their sleeves up and manage through to the desired outcome.


Programme management/office Case studies

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Case studies

Shared services (Allan Clayton)

The client is a leading global insurer. Allan was responsible for developing the strategy, business case and implementation plan to merge the IT operations of 40 separate companies into a 1bn euro p.a. IT shared infrastructure service.

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"The challenge in the independent market is making the whole more than the sum of the parts. IT Experts Exchange works for both its members and its clients. As a member I can..."
Allan Clayton
Independent Consultant
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