Connecting expertise

IT Experts Exchange is a new marketplace for buyers and sellers of IT expertise. Our mission is to connect clients with the right IT (and other complementary) experts in a way which delivers the most value. We:

  •  connect clients with highly recommended individual IT experts and niche firms
  •  help individual experts and niche firms secure more work and additional resources.

Every project starts with one of our Independent Client Advisors (ICA) working with a client to understand their needs so we can select the right individual, team or company for the job. Our ICA will then bring their considerable experience to bear by overseeing the project and making sure that it runs smoothly and delivers demonstrable value. This unique approach to sourcing IT expertise is enabling all kinds of leading businesses to transform their performance at the same time as making considerable cost savings. Learn how from our clients.


Our business concept

IT Experts Exchange was launched to help businesses access expertise in key areas such as IT effectiveness, IT strategy and architecture, innovative technology solutions, enterprise business solutions and...
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How we select our expert members

Our expert members are drawn from across the IT specialisms to offer a range of complementary IT and business change skills. They include...
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Our charging structure

All of our members (both clients and expert members) pay an annual fee which covers the running costs of IT Experts Exchange...
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Our services

Our focus is on client-side advice. Our range of consulting services covers all the key items on today's CIO agenda...
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Case studies

IT Experts Exchange-case studies IT strategy (Allan Clayton)

Working with the Global CIO of this spirits and wines company, Allan was responsible for establishing and gaining buy-in to a “New IT Agenda” and for leading an IT transparency project to...

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"From both the client and consultant’s point of view IT Experts Exchange is an innovative way of finding those key skilled individuals whose..."
Tim Gilchrist
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