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ValidSoft is a leading global supplier of Strong Authentication and Transaction Verification solutions that enable organizations to provide secure access to services and counter even the most sophisticated electronic fraud. Their clients are high-profile organisations in Ireland, Australia, Singapore and the UK.

ValidSoft provides products and services designed to meet the needs of organisations operating in dynamic business environments where e-channel applications provide competitive advantage. The demands of today's business environment have increased dramatically in recent years, driven by technologies such as the Internet, card, e-Business and the penetration of mobile phone technology into all aspects of business. ValidSoft solutions provide Strong  Authentication and Transaction Verification capabilities allowing organisations to quickly implement solutions that protect against the latest sophisticated fraud and are yet simple and convenient for users. ValidSoft works with leading global regulatory authorities and institutions, and is regarded as a “Trusted Advisor” in the area of counter fraud techniques.

Validsoft’s focus is strongly product driven through various offerings, including:

  • VALid which is a risk-based, Out-of-band Multi-factor Authentication and Transaction Verification platform designed for use across multiple electronic channels including Internet, Phone Banking (IVR), Call Centre, VPN and Extranet.
  • VALid-POS dramatically alters the way cross-border card-present fraud is detected and resolved, providing massive savings from reducing both false-positives and actual fraud losses anomaly detection.

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