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Mosaic Island


Mosaic Island is a specialist IT design consultancy providing enterprise architecture and solution design skills together with the governance and delivery skills to enable the realisation of pragmatic, business-led solutions.

The team have many years of experience operating as enterprise architects for major international organisations and believe it is essential to deliver the right blend of business and technical expertise together with an enterprise approach to solving business problems. To achieve this they utilise a network of carefully selected professionals who are able to draw upon a broad set of industry and specialist skills and are experienced in using a range of proven, industry standard tools and methods all focused on solving business (not simply technical) problems.

Mosaic Island has a particular focus on the telecommunications and multimedia industries.

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"IT Experts Exchange uses its deep knowledge of IT trends and customer needs to find the relevant innovative solutions which matter."
Natasha Davydova, Group Head of Strategy for Technology and Operations, Standard Chartered Bank
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