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Stuart Carthy, Independent Consultant


Stuart has over 20 years’ experience of helping organisations shape, plan and deliver major strategic change. He describes himself as a Business Architect, often working in that ‘grey area’ between the definition of corporate strategy and the execution of a portfolio of change programmes. He helps clients shape their Target Operating Models, define the resulting change agenda and then plan and execute the required programmes. He also works with organisations to assess and improve their overall ‘change capability’, including how the IT function becomes an integrated, enabling part of the change agenda.

Stuart is an expert ‘orchestrator’, working in a collaborative, challenging fashion with executive teams, but without taking over. The target outcome is always an executive team with a strong, shared sense of purpose and a clear plan for execution.

Stuart spent 17 years at Accenture, four of these as a Partner, in their Financial Services practice. For the last 5 years he has worked as an independent consultant with a strong network across a variety of industries.  He works in a variety of ways – from personal adviser/facilitator/mentor to a member of an integrated expert team.

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