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Len Williamson, Independent Consultant


Len Williamson coaches and provides leadership consulting to CEO and Director level executives and their teams.

The focus of his work is raising awareness of what is going on in the system of relationships around executive activity. He brings unbiased attention to the actions people are taking and shows them the impact they are having. This enables change for the benefit of the wider system and aligns executives and their organisations for successful action. Len uses Gestalt Institute ideas around group work as the foundation of his approach. He works at the individual level for coaching and the group level for leadership consulting. Typical challenges see leaders experiencing stress and being confronted with major demands on them. Time and resources are often in short supply and there is often opposition or resistance. Len intervenes to unblock the system to enable it to move forward in an aligned way. He focuses on working with large global corporations such as BP, Morgan Stanley, Shell, Uniliver, Nyrstar, Accenture, Booz & Co and with Government Organisations in the UK, Africa and Singapore.

Len’s leadership coaching expertise is built upon 30 years operational and IT experience at BP. He spent 20 years in the Trading and Supply business with positions in refining, system supply (oil into refineries and products out), pricing, strategic planning and entrepreneurial trading. From the late 80’s his significant achievements were centred around bringing breakthrough approaches to large global organisations and implementing the changes. Len was regularly appointed to increasingly senior director positions in the UK, Belgium, USA and Singapore.

As part of a move by Lord Browne (BP CEO) to bring a stronger business focus to IT management, Len spent his last 10 years in BP’s IT function. From 2002-2006 Len’s director roles were focused on establishing consistent global operational processes for the delivery of IT. This was achieved first for trading (now a business with over $2bn per year revenue) and finally for the Group. In the Group project BP spent $1.5bn over three years to establish a World Class Infrastructure. Len’s role was to provide the operational processes globally to support this infrastructure. Working with Accenture, Pink Elephant and PA Consulting BP was one of the first global organizations to achieve global consistency of operational processes. BP were awarded project of the year at an industry award ceremony in Las Vegas in 2006 in front of 1500 attendees.

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