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Gordon Lovell-Read – CEO of CIO Development


Gordon Lovell-Read has substantial operational and management experience in blue-chip companies and specialises in inspiring, unlocking and delivering outstanding business outcomes. He has a wide and deep insight of the market through his career portfolio.

Gordon was group CIO and a member of Siemens executive management board for over six years with an intense portfolio of M&A integration, business process transformation, big systems deployment, outsourcing, off shoring and “core function” shared service creation and deployment.

Prior to that he was at HP for over seventeen years where he gained extensive international experience spanning management consulting, global sales, marketing and product management.

Previously, as an “apprentice”, he spent ten years as a software engineer writing compilers, operating systems and mission-critical client applications.

This unique combination of supply-side and demand-side expertise ensures that, in addition to his role as CEO, he is in constant demand as an industry speaker, facilitator, mentor and consultant as part of CIO Development’s capability for clients.

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