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David Cooper


David Cooper provides consultancy and interim management services ranging from strategy definition and business development through to delivery and organisational performance improvement.

David Cooper is a former CIO, CTO and Chief Operations and Technology officer in Hutchinson3G mobile network. He is a senior IT executive with over 6 years experience at board level, frequently interacting with global leaders. He has extensive experience of leading IT, technology and a wide range of business operational areas.  David also has significant experience in leading business transformation projects in under performing operational and technical units distributed both on and offshore.

In a range of roles he has gained substantial experience in:
  • defining, communicating and executing business and technical strategy
  • delivery of a range of IT solutions and novel services to meet business plans
  • transformation of under performing business units
  • operational management of complex global multi-site business divisions
  • cost reduction and optimisation of technical, IT and other operating business units
  • outsourcing of large technical and operational functions
  • global delivery of IT and network solutions
  • working as a board member and building relationships
  • managing large budgets and people numbers both onshore and offshore
  • leadership - recruitment, building teams and cultures.

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