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Brinley Platts, Founder and Chairman, CIO Development


Brinley Platts is well known for his work in IT executive development. He has been helping FTSE 100 CIOs and their teams with their effectiveness and business engagement for over 10 years. He is an authority on CIO career development and performance and has helped scores of CIOs achieve better insight into their personal strengths and drives. He is a leading IT executive coach, researcher and author, currently working with Boston University to bring their CIO Pocket MBA to London for the benefit of European IT executives.

He was one of the start-up team of the IMPACT Programme and led its management buyout from KPMG, establishing it as an independent business prior to its sale to NCC. He was the founder of the KPMG Young IT Executive Star Chamber, co- founder of the  IS Leaders Academy and founder of the CIO Panel which he ran in a joint venture with IMPACT and CIO-Connect. He is currently investigating the expansion and future of the CIO mandate for the CSC Leading Edge Forum and for three years in succession has sat on the judges’ panel of the CNET UK Business Technology Awards.

Brinley is the creator of the CIO Role-Types model of career development, clocking up over 500 hours of diagnostics and coaching with FTSE 100 CIOs and other leading IT executives.

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