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Ian McKay, Independent Consultant


Ian McKay is an experienced business and technology executive with a successful track record of planning and delivering large programmes and projects with budgets in excess of £100m. He has worked as a director and associate partner for two global management consultancies and has held senior management positions within several International Financial and Telecommunications organisations.

He specialises in transforming a company’s capabilities through strategy, planning and the innovative use of information technology, all underpinned by effective business processes and organisational design. Ian has worked internationally and typically reports at Board level.

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IT Experts Exchange-case studies Programme management/office (Richard Fearns)

The purpose of the NHS NationaI IT Programme is to utilise modern information technology to provide high quality services to patients. It constitutes the largest single IT investment in the UK to date...

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"IT Experts Exchange supersedes the consulting “one stop shop” by bringing experts in every aspect of IT together with clients who..."
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