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Roy Isbell , Independent Consultant


Roy Isbell is a communications and information security expert and businessman with over 30 years experience. Roy is the managing director of IAS Ltd which provides Information Assurance Strategy Consulting and is also the co-founder and Chairman of Pragmatic Defence Ltd, a company that provides Operational Security Services to the mid market.

After an engineering apprenticeship, Roy joined the UK Armed Forces where he completed a successful career in communications and information systems engineering specialising in secure data communications and networking and designing, planning and implementing classified IT systems. Leaving in 1993 he initially worked as an independent consultant advising on the definition, design and implementation and management of secure information systems. The success of this work led to the formation of LIRIC Associates, a partnership with two like-minded colleagues that allowed larger more complex projects to be undertaken. LIRIC Associates was migrated to a limited liability company in 1994 and continued to grow organically until LIRIC was acquired by Symantec in 2004. Throughout this period Roy continued working with UK central government departments and commercial clients providing advice on all matters relating to the design, planning, implementing and commissioning of secure information systems. Latterly he has been involved in advising on establishment of a National CERT, working on strategies for PCI Compliance and advising industry on Information Assurance.

Roy holds an HND in Communications Engineering, a Masters degree in Information Security and is currently working on his Doctorate in Total Security Management for Business. He is a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, Member of the British Computer Society, Certified Information Technology Practitioner, Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

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