The benefits of membership

Joining IT Experts Exchange delivers a range of unique benefits for clients and for our expert members, whether individual members or member firms. Use the links below to find out more.


Client members – organisations requiring IT talent

We allow them to source proven, recommended experts who can cut straight to the value, for example ’the right person could ‘save me  £3m in an afternoon’. Every expert and firm...
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Member firms – companies/boutique firms

Access to new leads and opportunities, particularly in other sectors. Access to qualified additional resources to cover peak demand. The ability to team with other firms to win bigger...
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Individual members – individual IT experts/sole traders

Greater access to quality clients leading to more work and higher rates. They benefit from the collective sales and marketing capability of the Exchange, enabling them to...
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1. How do I make sure that I get considered for opportunities (and get an equal opportunity)?

You will be able to see what opportunities are upcoming so you can tell us which opportunities you would like to be considered for. We will then assemble the team which we believe best meets the client’s needs. The final choice of personnel, of course, is the client’s.

"From both the client and consultant’s point of view IT Experts Exchange is an innovative way of finding those key skilled individuals whose..."
Tim Gilchrist
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