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1. How much more will we be able to earn by working through you?

We can help you grow by giving you access to new clients and industries and by providing you with additional resources that allow you to take on more and larger assignments.

2. How much does it cost to use the IT Experts Exchange service?

There is an annual membership fee to cover the running costs of IT Experts Exchange.  We will also sit down with you at the beginning of each year and agree how IT Experts Exchange can help you grow your business and the commission structure that will drive this. Typically this will be an agreed proportion of incremental sales and we would expect to invoice you as you bill your client. There will also be a charge for any additional resources we help you secure.

3. How do we make sure that we get considered for opportunities (and get an equal opportunity)?

We will bring all relevant opportunities to your attention as early as possible and you will be able to tell us which opportunities you would like to be considered for. A meeting will be convened with all interested parties to discuss how best to respond to each major opportunity. The aim will be to decide which combination of expert capability will deliver best value to the client. A strength of our business model is that we can combine capabilities to win and deliver more rewarding assignments.

4. Who will I contract with?

You will contract either with the end client or, in a consortium scenario, with the prime contractor.

5. Who owns IPR on work done?

You will reach agreement on IP rights with the entity you are contracted to. IT Experts Exchange has no claim on your IP. However, we would hope that you will work with other members of IT Experts Exchange to develop and share knowledge.

6. Does IT Experts Exchange expect to use references and credentials from our assignments?

Yes, because we need to demonstrate to clients the value you deliver. Clearly this will be subject to receiving your permission and that of the client.

7. How and when will you collect you commission?

When we agree the commission structure with you we will also agree when the commission would fall due on sales achieved and resources provided.

8. How will we be able to use the IT Experts Exchange brand?

As a member of IT Experts Exchange you will be able to benefit from the strength of our brand and all joint marketing efforts. You will be entitled to use our brand on all your collateral.

9. Will IT Experts Exchange be carrying out consulting work itself in competition with us?

No. We are a marketplace and our role is to generate demand for our members and help our clients find the best solutions to their needs.

10. Who will own the client relationship?

You will have a direct working relationship with the client which you can develop. The ICA will work with the client to understand their needs and generate additional opportunities for all of our members.


11. Once we are engaged on a client assignment, what is the role of IT Experts Exchange?

We have a shared interest in the success of the engagement and creating opportunities for more work. At the start of each engagement we will agree with you and the client how these goals can best be achieved. This may include formal quality assurance, peer review, client feedback or joint attendance at client meetings as appropriate.

12. How many other firms will be offering the same as us?

It is likely that a number of our firms, although complementary, will have overlapping services. This will help ensure we have enough expert capacity to meet our clients’ needs. Our aim is to generate enough demand to satisfy all our members.

13. Why is this better for us me than just carrying on as we are?

For many reasons. We will:
  • Introduce you to new industry sectors and clients
  • Help you secure more prestigious and valuable work
  • Be able to earn money by bringing opportunities to IT Experts Exchange
  • Help you secure the resources you need to carry out the work we help you win

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