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1. How do I make sure that I get considered for opportunities (and get an equal opportunity)?

You will be able to see what opportunities are upcoming so you can tell us which opportunities you would like to be considered for. We will then assemble the team which we believe best meets the client’s needs. The final choice of personnel, of course, is the client’s.

2. What happens once I’m a member?

We will make sure we fully understand your main areas of expertise and most importantly your upcoming availability. We will assign you a relationship manager who will get to know you and then help find the right opportunities for you.

3. How much more will I be able to earn by working through you?

Our broad client base means we can help you find the assignment where your skills are most needed and valued. Also, we are not a big firm with high overheads. We will only take a small percentage of your revenue as commission.

4. Who will I contract with?

As a sole trader, you will often be contracting directly with the end client. As a member of a team, you may well find yourself contracting with the prime contractor for the project.

5. What insurance cover do you expect me to have?

As you’d expect, you will need employer liability and professional indemnity insurance. We may consider establishing a group scheme if that is attractive to our members.

6. Who owns IPR on work carried out?

You agree IP rights with the entity you are contracted to – IT Experts Exchange has no claim on your IP. However, we would hope that you will work with other members of IT Experts Exchange to develop and share knowledge.

7. Does IT Experts Exchange expect to use references and credentials from my assignments?

Yes, because we need to demonstrate to clients the value you deliver. Clearly this will be subject to receiving your permission and that of the client.

8. How and when will you collect your commission?

We ask that you send us a copy of each of the bills you send to the client. As and when you get paid we would expect our commission to be paid.


9. How will I be able to use the IT Experts Exchange brand?

As a member of IT Experts Exchange, you will be able to benefit from the strength of our brand. You will be entitled to use an IT Experts Exchange business card and to use our Membership logo on all your collateral material.

10. How are you going to evaluate me and the work I do?

We will be monitoring the progress of each project on a continuous basis and gathering feedback from the client.  We will sit down with you and discuss the feedback we have received and help you do an even better job going forwards.

11. How many other people/firms will be offering the same as me?

We have to make sure that we have enough expert capacity to meet our clients’ needs. However, we expect you to be very busy.

12. Do I have to work exclusively with IT Experts Exchange and on a full time basis?

No and no. Our business model allows you to be completely flexible in terms of how many days a year you work and through whom you secure work. We hope that you will see the benefits of working through us.  As part of the interview process we will agree with you how many days per year it is reasonable to expect.

13. Why is this better for me than just carrying on as I am?

For many reasons. You will:


  • Have people selling your services so you can concentrate on project work at all times
  • Be able to secure more prestigious and valuable work
  • Be able to earn money by bringing opportunities to the IT Experts Exchange
  • Be part of an elite group.

14. How much does it cost to use the IT Experts Exchange service?

There is an annual membership fee to cover the running costs of IT Experts Exchange. We take a small percentage of the revenue we help you generate.

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