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9. What if we don't like the firm or person you recommend?

Ultimately, it’s your choice who you use to do the work for you. We will then put in place the normal mechanisms to ensure that the work is carried out to your satisfaction.

10. What's your ‘value add’?

We will help you scope out your project and then help you find the right person, team or firm to do this work for you. We will oversee their work throughout the project to help ensure you get the results you are expecting and we will offer objective advice throughout.

11. How are you going to maintain your independence?

We will only carry out advisory-type projects and will not bid for implementations (although we will be happy to stay in an advisory role working for you on such projects).

12. What's your incentive to find and recommend the cheapest solution?

We are incentivised to find you the best person, team or firm as our future relationship with you depends on how well they and we serve you.

13. How much does it cost to use the IT Experts Exchange service?

There is an annual membership fee to cover the running costs of IT Experts Exchange.




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