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5. What steps do you take to ensure that the experts you recommend can and will work together?

A strong commitment to working together – backed by evidence – is a prerequisite of membership. As part of our competency-based interview process we assess team-working skills and look for this when we follow up references.

6. What sort of warranty do you offer for the services provided by your members?

Your contract will be with the expert member you select to carry out the assignment for you. They will warrant their services. On top of this, your ICA will QA the work of the expert member.

7. How much do these experts cost?

All of our members are highly experienced and successful in their field and their rates reflect this. However as they and we do not carry the overheads of the larger firms, we expect they will cost you correspondingly less.

8. What do we gain or lose by going with you rather than a big firm?

With the big firms...
  • You get an established brand
  • They can be a one stop shop
  • They provide some guarantee of quality
  • They can add/replace resources when needed
  • They are not always in a position offer you independent advice
  • Their prices are high because their overheads are high
  • You tend to get a lot of juniors and relatively little time from the very experienced staff
  • They are starting to lose the really experienced people who are becoming sole traders or joining niche firms. These are the people who can best serve you.



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