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IT Experts Exchange peopleIT Experts Exchange people

"In a career devoted to driving superior value from IT and developing IT professional and leadership skills, I have met a small number of people who I would unreservedly recommend and who bring tremendous value. IT Experts Exchange is a very clever way for me to share my experience and contacts with those of my peers. Connecting people who really know what they are doing offers obvious advantages to both customer and expert.”

Jim Mann, TUI AG Group CIO


"One of the constant challenges I face as a CIO is finding skilled resources who will be able to address the issue of the moment. I do not always want to go to the large software vendors who have huge teams - rather I want a boutique of real topic experts who have done it before in a similar environment. IT Experts Exchange is a great way of short cutting the effort to find these people"

Mike Wright, CIO, Man Investments


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"The value to clients is that they know they are getting access to companies who have been carefully selected and individuals who have been chosen because..."
Roy Isbell, Independent Consultant
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