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IT Experts Exchange peopleIT Experts Exchange people


"With the breadth and variety of challenges facing the average IT organisation, flexible access to experts has never been more important.  Finding good advice and assistance can be a frustrating affair.  The idea of extending my own network of trusted experts with those of many peers is exciting.  This has real transformational potential for our way of working and potentially the market as a whole."

Stuart Bonell, CIO dunnhumby


"IT Experts Exchange have enabled Lebara to establish relationships with “experts” who have had an immediate and valued impact."

Tristan Brandt, Managing Director, Lebara Ltd


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Joining IT Experts Exchange delivers a range of unique benefits for clients and for our expert members, whether individual members or member firms. Use the links below to find out more.
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"In a world of integrated IT services providers, the adviser role has been abandoned. It is being picked up by new, entrepreneurial consulting firms. These firms need access to..."
Mark Otway
Independent Consultant and Chairman of Alsbridge
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