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A sample of customer experience projects  
Tony Welch


Tony Welch is a customer experience specialist and helps organisations by developing propositions that engage customers and consistently drive profitability. Recent assignments in both the private and public sector include:
  • For a large train operating company - led the customer experience and market development strategy work for the regional franchise bid team.
  • For a flagship London Local Authority - led the Council’s Electronic Access Strategy Project to develop a new Intranet and Council Website. The main focus of the project was the further development of on-line services and to redevelop the channel strategy. 
  • For a flagship London Local Authority - evaluation, selection and implementation of a major contact centre system, in parallel to the introduction of VoIP telephony for the Council. Tony led the project, introducing skills based routing for 100 agents and sophisticated performance monitoring.  All contact centre agents, supervisors and managers received ICS certification training to raise service standards and contact centre staff retention is above 90%. 
  • For a leading Carribbean bank - assignment based in Barbados for six months developing a 3 year CRM Strategy for the bank’s Retail business across 15 Caribbean countries. Quick wins of $1m were identified during the strategy development process. The strategy was designed to change the focus from customer acquisition to retention and to transform the bank’s relationships with key customer segments to create more profitable business. 
  • For a local London Authority - review of eGovernment programme and the deployment of CRM technology across services. The review made recommendations to deliver the remainder of the programme in a more cost effective manner and improve the quality of the output – the recommendations formed the key driver for the Council’s Customer Access strategy.
  • Establishing the UK market presence for a Swedish software company specialising in advanced analytical and decision support software – the assignment focused on developing marketing plans and developing new sales channels through partnership models.
  • For a mobile telecommunications operator -project to test the principles of Real Time Marketing for proactive cross-selling and up-selling.


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