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Case Studies

Enterprise architecture


London Stock Exchange - Senior Architect Exchange IT
Mark Reece


Mark Reece has consulted to the London Stock Exchange as the Senior Architect for Exchange IT (September 2002 – 2009).

Trading System Capacity Planning. Mark was responsible for performance and capacity planning for SETS and LMIL, the LSE’s Trading and Information systems. In mid-2004, Mark’s analysis determined the need to upgrade SETS to double capacity. He worked with the Exchange business team to confirm the need and build the business case for the upgrade.  He took this to the Board and obtained budget and approval in November 2004 for an immediate start.  He led the establishment of the project and the definition of the technical approach.  The upgrade went live in August 2005.

Technology Roadmap – Next Generation Trading Engine. Mark led the Exchange IT interface with the business teams to ensure that the replacement Trading system met their requirements and met its business case commitment. Mark’s involvement has ensured that the new system has a very high throughput, very low latency and fault tolerant architecture so that the necessary levels of performance and resilience are built into the solution, but without losing the flexibility that is key to the system’s longevity (the Exchange is planning for a 5-10 year operational life).

Technology Roadmap –Infolect Ticker Plant. Since the project started in October 2003, Mark was responsible for the strategic vision for the new ticker plant.  Mark led the high level architecture definition, specifying the performance (minimum of 3,500 messages per second with sub-10 millisecond latency) and resilience levels (equivalent to the HP Non-Stop systems) to be met. He then worked closely with the implementation teams to ensure that the vision was realized while at the same time full backwards compatibility was achieved.  Infolect entered production on 19th September 2005 and was announced in a full page advertisement in the FT and WSJ on 24th October 2005.

Client Services – Customer Relationship. Mark maintained good relationships with a number of the Exchange’s key customers. By working closely with the Exchange’s customers, he was able to understand their needs from the Trading system which was vital in driving the capacity planning and design of the new trading system.

Technology Sales. Mark was responsible for leading the Exchange’s technology sales initiatives. He acted as the technology lead on the sales initiative to ensure the JSE renews its trading system outsourcing contract. He built good relationships with a range of key JSE employees. This resulted in key insights to their requirements, enabling the proposal to be finely tuned and building trust in the LSE’s technology capability.

Exchange Connectivity Strategy. The exchange business team view connectivity to a broader range of organizations to be a critical part of their future strategy. The FIX Gateway service was identified as key to targeting communications between buy- and sell-side organizations. Mark led the definition and delivery of the product over 2 releases, including working closely with the business team, initial customers and implementation teams to ensure that the product was delivered exactly as required.


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