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Reuters – principal business continuity advisor
Richard Wilson


Richard Wilson was the principal business continuity manager across Europe at Reuters where he:
  • designed and established the policy and process that allows the Reuters Group to develop and implement cost effective business unit recovery plans and the associated global emergency management structure
  • designed and implemented Reuters global emergency response and crisis management procedures
  • established Incident Management Teams in key cities throughout Europe
  • programme-managed the introduction and establishment of business unit recovery plans across Europe
  • held responsibility for the London emergency editorial news reporting facility and the Emergency Management Committee’s command room
  • established a company-wide virtual community and document depository for emergency management and business recovery.


Prior to this role, Richard was the UK’s business continuity manager where he:

  • designed, established and coordinated a 'notifiable incident' reporting process for the UK
  • designed and established a UK wide major incident management plan
  • facilitated and progressed the establishment of business recovery plans to support the incident management plan. The template for these plans is now used throughout the Reuters Group
  • designed and facilitated two business continuity exercises for senior management
  • was the coordinator of the UK Incident Management Team.


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