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Case studies

Information & security assurance

and business continuity



A sample of information security and information assurance work
Roy Isbell


Roy Isbell has provided advice on all aspects of the design, planning and implementing and commissioning of secure Information Systems and on Information Assurance.
Some examples include:
  • for the UK Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA) - development of the Operational Security Management Plan (OSMP) as part of the new MoD Security Accreditation Documentation Set
  • licensed by the UK National Technical Authority to develop Information Systems Security Policy and Procedures under the CESG Listed Advisor Scheme (CLAS) on behalf of the UK Government
  • acting as the lead consultant for a team doing the design of a highly secure integrated infrastructure on a major refurbishment of a key UK central government listed buildings
  • leading the development of a Risk Assessment and Management Methodology (RAMM) linking ISO17799 / ISO27001 and the UK Manual of Protective Security (MPS). This methodology provides outputs directly related and suitable for UK Government Risk Management Accreditation Sets (RMADS), US FISMA requirements and ISO Security Standards showing compliance with Certification and Accreditation polices
  • advising a Member State of the UAE on establishing a National provide CSIRT, R&A and Awareness services
  • advising on strategy for the deployment of  people, process and technology in support of PCI Compliance requirements
  • advising UK Industry on establishment and implementation of strategies for Information Assurance Requirements.


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