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IT infrastructure/cost reduction


Honda’s Environmentology™ - data centre virtualisation and green IT  


Environmentology ™ is Honda’s ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible technology. The results include world changing advances in fuel economy, low emissions and alternative energy sources for the future.  As part of the Environmentology™ programme,  Honda asked VirtualizeIT to assist in the development of a strategy to leverage the benefits of virtualisation within the head office data centre at Langley, Berkshire.

The strategy identified a clear solution:
  • 40:3 consolidation ration utilising VMware Vi3 Enterprise
  • High availability with enterprise class server platform from IBM x3850s
  • Disaster recovery capabilities with site to site fail over for key services
  • Enhanced backup and recovery capabilities with Vizioncore esxRanger Professional
  • Systems management and reporting with Vizioncore esxCharter
  • Additional replication options with out of SAN replication capabilities with Vizioncore esxReplicator to supplement SAN to SAN replication.

The solution is now in place and operational with approximately 40 virtual machines operating across 3 hosts over two sites. The introduction of the virtualised platform has enabled Honda to decommission 20 machines and replace them with just 3, whilst also increasing the availability of systems not only in the primary site but also in the event of disaster. Servers can now move within the hosts to enable increased maintenance windows and the implementation has enabled ever higher systems availability.

The initial footprint has provided Honda with a platform that can now be scaled in its size as existing physical hardware comes to its natural end and can be migrated into a virtual equivalent. This has resulted in almost every new server since implementation being deployed into the virtual infrastructure, rather than a physical box, so the environmental benefits keep on increasing with every server not being physically deployed.

As Ian Timm, Honda’s Network Support Manager states “Virtualisation allows IT departments to respond quickly to changing business requirements. We can literally deploy to a new server now in 15 minutes, using the exact same standard build each time. It means we don’t have to worry about whether there’s enough rack space or cooling in the comms room to support the new services”.


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