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IT infrastructure/cost reduction


Standard Chartered Jersey – implementation of a strategic server virtualisation solution


Standard Chartered Jersey faced  a critical business dilemma. They needed to capture an aging system that was still required for historical data but move it from the front line as the unsupported operating system and older hardware made the application vulnerable and difficult to support. Standard Charted Jersey had been tracking the growth of server virtualisation, in particular VMware ESX Server, and felt that this could possibly offer an ideal solution to their immediate issue as it would allow them to mothball the application but retain access and support. In addition they were well aware that they had an opportunity to introduce a new technology that could have significant strategic importance and wanted to maximise the potential it presented, particularly in terms of reducing their physical and carbon footprints.

Standard Chartered Jersey selected VirtualizeIT as their expert advisors because from the outset they demonstrated a thorough understanding of both the immediate issue and the wider strategic aims.   

VirtualizeIT helped design a strategic solution. Phase 1 comprised four VMware ESX host systems based on IBM x3850 servers and VMware Virtual Center server to provide the systems management. Two were dedicated to front line duties and two for disaster recovery. The existing system was converted from its physical presentation into a virtual equivalent (P2V) and was contained within the SAN platform. The ability of Vmotion (dynamic placement of the virtual machine from one host to another) enabled high availability of the application. Phase 2 focused on further exploiting VMware’s capabilities. The fringe services that were not running on enterprise class hardware were moved into the virtualisation platform. An element of risk was removed by having high availability built into the underlying solution rather than needing point solutions and doubling of hardware resource. “Middleware” servers operating on the Windows 2003 Server platform quickly followed.

The overall solution means that Standard Chartered Jersey now has protection for aging but critical systems and reduced physical and carbon footprints. It is able to take advantage of high availability delivered at an Infrastructure level as standard, a containment area for new servers and the rapid deployment of services. In addition they have gained a high function development and testing platform resulting in significant productivity gains and improved IT delivery.

On the project as a whole, Rob Barton (Head of Technology at Standard Chartered Jersey) stated “VirtualizeIT quickly met our immediate requirement but it was the partnering that for us delivered the most benefits. We now have a team internally who understand the technology and are pioneering its productive use within the Bank. The solution really delivers the virtual infrastructure that VirtualizeIT presented at the first conceptual meeting between the two companies."


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