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Individual member FAQs
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1. How do I make sure that I get considered for opportunities (and get an equal opportunity)?

You will be able to see what opportunities are upcoming so you can tell us which opportunities you would like to be considered for. We will then assemble the team which we believe best meets the client’s needs. The final choice of personnel, of course, is the client’s.

2. What happens once I’m a member?
We will make sure we fully understand your main areas of expertise and most importantly your upcoming availability. We will assign you a relationship manager who will get to know you and then help find the right opportunities for you.


3. How much more will I be able to earn by working through you?

Our broad client base means we can help you find the assignment where your skills are most needed and valued. Also, we are not a big firm with high overheads. We will only take a small percentage of your revenue as commission.

4. Who will I contract with?

As a sole trader, you will often be contracting directly with the end client. As a member of a team, you may well find yourself contracting with the prime contractor for the project.

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